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Protection of personal information

Confidentiality policy and the protection of personal information

Last update: September 21, 2023


We, , are committed to maintaining the privacy, security and confidentiality of the information you provide while using our website and services. This Confidentiality  and Privacy Policy describes our practices and procedures regarding the collection, use and protection of your personal and sensitive information.

Our privacy policy meets the requirements of the “Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector” and the “Act respecting the protection of personal information and electronic documents”, indicating a commitment to legal compliance and standards of Data protection.

Use of our online services and inquiries received by email  constitute your agreement and consent to the terms of this Confidentility  and Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the terms of this policy, please do not use our online services.

This policy aims to reassure individuals that their personal information is treated responsibly and used only for legitimate and relevant purposes, in accordance with the principles of confidentiality and data protection. Our organization emphasizes transparency and the limited scope of data sharing for specific purposes.

Information we collect 

Information Collected: First names, last names, date of birth, current and previous address, phone number, email address and gender.

Consent form : By completing and signing our online consents and forms with personal information, individuals agree to the terms outlined in the Privacy Policy and consent to the processing of their personal information by our organization and its authorized partners.

Service providers  who need it to perform their contract or mandate and to ensure the proper administration of our services;

Legal or judicial authorities, when required by law (for example, in cases of fraud or criminal activity)

How we use your information: do not share or sell your personal credit bureau information to third parties. The collection of necessary information is specifically intended to analyze the creditworthiness of a tenant to provide the services that the landlords of the accommodations request or for the employers who need to make hiring decisions.

We will only disclose your information in response to lawful requests, such as court and authority orders or mandatory government obligations.

Security measures 

We take appropriate measures to protect your information, including:

Encryption: Using industry standard encryption technologies to protect data transmission.

Access control: Access restricted to authorized personnel.

Technical measures: The use of technical safeguards, such as password management, firewalls and the like to ensure that only trustworthy people have access to sensitive data.

Commitment to confidentiality and security measures that require compliance with strict rules for the protection of personal information within our organization.


We keep your personal information for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and we destroy it when the purposes for which it was collected or used are accomplished, subject to a retention period provided for by law.


If you have specific questions or need assistance regarding our privacy policy and the protection of personal information, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address mentioned on our website.


Our entity relies on the collaboration of our customers and users of our services and products, to provide accurate information and to report the necessary updates regarding their personal information.

Continuing to use our services after reading the privacy policy is tantamount to tacit acceptance of the new rules set out in this policy. Your continued use of our Services will be construed as consent to the new terms.

Limit of liability take measures  to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal information collected from users.

Adequate precautions are taken to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure or misuse of data.

As such, the user acknowledges and agrees that and its suppliers cannot be held liable for any damages or harm that may arise, directly or indirectly, from a breach of data confidentiality, or information transmitted over the Internet to the