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Since its inception, the Group BCS Skip Tracing team has stood out from the competition in finding  people in Canada. Our company is a powerful ally for law firms that need notify a court judgment. Also,skip tracing  someone to request the money they owe, contact a witness or owners of apartments  who need to trace down tenants in Canada who have run off without paying their rent. 
Over time in the skip tracing business, we have gained access to specialized databases. 
We also help clients who want to get in touch with someone. We evaluate each file with care in order to improve the chances of finding the person our client is seeking. 


Mario Simard LL.B. a graduate of law and administration studies and the founder of BCS  Group, has many years of experience . His work with the Montreal Urban Community Police Service also allowed him to acquire exceptional expertise in background checks and verifications.

Claudia Cardenas, a graduate in business  administration and investigation techniques , is the director of the Group BCS and all its divisions.